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Our Services

Brave Space, LLC is committed to antiracism and equity.

We tailor solutions aimed at supporting institutions, organizations, businesses, and individuals who desire building practices centered on these principles. Connect with us to learn more about a tailored engagement plan.

Readiness Assessments

Readiness assessments determine the knowledge and readiness levels of the entire organization.

A readiness assessment is the starting point of engagement. Each assessment concludes with a summary report for organizational leadership to have a clear picture of its stakeholders’ baseline understanding and the level of readiness the organization has for engaging with equity-driven practices. The summary report helps identify ways to continue learning and growing as an organization beyond trainings, workshops and coaching sessions.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching supports individuals and teams embed antiracism and equity-driven principals into decision-making and strategic priorities.

Shifting from a willingness to do equity-driven and antiracist work within organizations and practicing equity-driven leadership and decision-making takes skill. We have proven strategies to support leaders in the development of scalable action plans and tools to address real world challenges with organizational culture, morale, and decision-making.

Strategic Planning

We work alongside your team to develop strategic plans that prioritize antiracism, equity, and community​.

Leverage our proven strategies to support the development of scalable action plans to move organizational ideas into organization-wide strategy and action. We help executives and leadership teams identify strategic priorities with an equity lens and develop metrics and timelines to assess and map progress.

Dialogue & Discussions

Facilitated dialogue, discussion, and workshops offer structured ways to share perspectives, prompt meaningful interactions, and foster shared learning for your organization or team.

Working toward meaningful community interactions and fostering greater connections support the advancement of equity-driven work within organizations. We provided tailored workshops, discussions, and dialogues with trained facilitators to help move, the sometimes difficult, conversations forward with organizations and teams.

Evaluation & Assessment

Meaningful change is measurable. Evaluation, assessment and equity audits support data informed decision making and change processes.

Whether you need a full equity audit or are unsure which metrics will help better understand if you are making progress toward your equity-driven goals, we can help! Our team is skilled in tailoring evaluation and assessment to ensure your plans are advancing and provide a better understanding of your opportunities.

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