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About Us

Brave Space, LLC centers antiracism and equity in leadership development, organizational culture, and community practice. We work with clients to examine their policies and practices and develop personalized strategic plans to work towards moving businesses, organizations, schools, and non-profits toward equity-driven and antiracist practices.

Consuelo Grier (she/hers)


Consuelo Grier is an experienced non-profit and higher education leader with nearly two decades of proven history advancing equity and access for historically excluded and minoritized populations. Consuelo is Owner & Principal Strategist of Brave Space, LLC. Consuelo is skilled in equity-driven leadership coaching, nonprofit management, evaluation & assessment, stakeholder engagement, and constituency engagement. She has served at the executive level in medium and large organizations. Consuelo provides thought leadership on issues of antiracism, equity, access, and support across the country for colleges, universities, think tanks, research organization, government entities, and business of various sizes.


As a researcher, her focus has been on transformational leadership with a lens on the experiences of Black and Latino/a/x leaders. Consuelo has a Bachelor degree in Politics, a Masters in Educational Leadership & Administration, and a Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) with a dissertation focused on diversity and equity-driven leadership in higher education leadership.

Yoo-Jin Kang is an experienced trainer, facilitator, and program manager with a passion for integrating self, community, and organizational care to build team belongingness and retention. Yoo-Jin weaves her public health background working within BIPOC communities and survivors of violence to bring an intersectional and equity-based framework to her training, consulting, and facilitation. Yoo-Jin's specialties include: trauma-informed care training, cultivating affinity-based employee support groups and workshops, self-care consulting (for individuals, teams, and organizations), and integrating holistic wellness and mindfulness-based stress reduction for leaders, team retreats, and more. Currently, Yoo-Jin directs the alcohol and drugs program at American University and serves as founder and co-chair of the university's People of Color Staff and Faculty Affinity group.


Yoo-Jin holds two bachelor degrees from the University Of Maryland Baltimore County in Modern Languages and Linguistics and Interdisciplinary Studies, where she focused on the psychosocial and cultural perspectives on violence. Yoo-Jin's undergraduate research focused on East Asian students' perspectives on relationships and violence and directly impacts her approach in integrating culturally-responsive interventions within organizations. Outside of her work, Yoo-Jin practices yoga, gravitates toward bodies of water, and bakes vegan sweets!

Yoo-Jin Kang (she/hers)


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